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IOT cloud Platform

IOT cloud Platform
The platform should have the following features
  • Provide a resource pool system for application business systems that can be quickly deployed to meet the needs of virtual machine deployment and flexible resource adjustment;
  • Closely combined with cloud layer technology, the cloud layer management tools can directly and quickly call the underlying resources;
  • Integrated monitoring and deployment environment can help enterprises monitor, deploy and adjust resources of each layer of the unified computing platform, unified network platform and unified storage;
  • Each computing unit of the unified computing platform should have stateless attribute characteristics to meet the needs of transparent real-time changes, additions and adjustments of computing resources;
  • The unified network platform should have multi-protocol stable support capabilities, consistent network performance and security rule deployment capabilities;
  • The unified storage platform should have stable multi-protocol support capabilities and complete storage backup, replication, and recovery technology capabilities closely integrated with cloud technologies;
  • After strict testing, certification and pre-integrated architecture, it effectively avoids potential risks at all levels and maximizes the advantages of the cloud platform;
  • It should have obvious advantages over traditional physical architecture in terms of space, energy consumption and maintenance costs;
  • Provide a unified support service system to help users solve problems quickly and accurately.
  The Internet of Things cloud platform provides ******manufacturing company with targeted marketing, targeted R & D, and intelligent maintenance services. At the same time, the platform can perform remote fault diagnosis and analysis of equipment: big data predicts the time when the equipment may fail in the future, provides a solution to avoid risks, and eliminates the loss caused by equipment failure and downtime to customers. Establish a corporate publicity platform on the mobile end to allow customers to participate in product awareness in a scenario-based manner and increase the brand's communication effect.


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