Computable Digital Twin Platform
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Computable Digital Twin Platform


Computable Digital Twin Platform

Platform functions

     Intelligent system products include computable digital twin system, deep learning systems, and multi-terminal APPS. Computable digital twin system realizes real-time synchronization and control of virtual scenes with real equipment and production lines. Deep learning systems integrate big data analysis capabilities to analyze and optimize data in the production process, and improve the efficiency of processing, calculation and decision-making in the production process.

The specific features of this product are as follows
1) With the function of big data analysis and processing;
2) Help enterprises quickly build smart manufacturing-oriented applications and mobile   application systems;
3) Enterprise-level applications based on application development frameworks with digital twin capability;4) Based on the big data deep learning and application development framework, it can quickly build three applications that meet the requirements (cutting force data analysis and visual display application, cutting fluid data analysis and visual display application, machining center environmental data and visual display).
a. Using deep learning algorithms to analyze the data of the processing to obtain the status and change trend, we can realize a full range of data analysis and prediction during the processing; b. By using this, we can improve the transparency and perception of the processing;
c. Using digital twin technology to realize visual monitoring and logical simulation of the processing process to support preventive maintenance of processing equipment;
d. Through the platform, it can make intelligent decisions during the processing, guide the processing site to make dynamic adjustments, and improve the adaptive ability of the processing; e. Through deep mining of processing data, we can achieve the acquisition and sharing of processing knowledge so that to elevate the processing. to a global intelligence level; f. The platform can support different terminal applications by expanding the digital twin framework; g. The price is only 50% -60% of similar foreign products
  Application on SMU50: Through docking with various sensors and CNC systems of machine tools of SMU50, various data of machine tools can be collected, and real-time analysis technology can be used to upload data and calculation results to the cloud platform.
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